Open to the future.

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For more than 30 years with you

Alfa Solare S.p.A. has been operating in the plastics extrusion market since 1986 in its own plant located in San Marino and has been operating on two production sites since 2001.

Alfa Solare has the advantage of being a producer of a multiplicity of materials, which makes the company capable of presenting itself as a single partner and interlocutor, effective in the study and development of innovative and 360° complete solutions.

In fact, Alfa Solare’s wide production consists of the following types of products: from polyamide, PVC (soft, semi-rigid and rigid), TPE, ABS, ASA to Noryl and more.

Alfa Solare products have a wide range of applications: from home and office furnishings to the automotive industry, from shipyard components to the refrigeration industry, and to the thermal insulation market in doors and windows.

Open to the future

As Alfa Solare’s main ambition there has always been to be forward-looking and innovative, both with regard to materials and process, helping customers to open new doors and offering them technically advanced solutions, thus becoming essential partners in the development of new projects, and never as a sigle suppliers of extruded products.

Thanks to this, Alfa Solare Group has in fact achieved a leading position within a highly dynamic and constantly evolving market.
Alfa Solare Group’s constant growth process is reflected in the continuous increase in business volume and in an increasingly incisive presence in international markets. 

In fact, Alfa Solare has a direct presence in the following areas through our sales network:


– France
– Germany
– Belgium
– Greece
– Italy
– Algeria
– Russia
– Canada
– Middle East
– Netherlands
– Portugal
– Spain
– Switzerland
– Turkey
– United States Of America
– South America
– Sweden
– Turkey
– United Kingdom

The goal is to expand and strengthen our distribution network more and more to create commercial hubs in strategic areas.

Indeed, this energetic action has helped consolidate Alfa Solare Group’s position in the world, but the results obtained are not an achieved goal but only a starting point.