All Solutions

A technical office dedicated full-time to the study of advanced solutions for our clients to obtain the maximum energy efficiency.

All Materials

A wide range of standard products, PVC (soft, semi-hard and hard), TPE, EPDM, ABS and Polyamide. A new generation of high-performance materials studied by our research and development department.

One Partner

An exclusive partner able to propose varied technical solutions and materials with the aim to reduce thermal transmittance.

ALFA SOLARE GROUP production, thanks to its wide range of plastic materials, is able to cover any industrial sector. It creates customized solutions and profiles based on the customer's design, with mechanical and accessory machining.

Additional mechanical working

The Alfa Solare Group is able to supply not only extruded products, but also a large range of additional mechanical working. In this way the extruded material can be transformed into a finished product, also with assembling if required.

  • lavorazioni meccaniche ed accessorie

Global Organization

Areas in which we operate: Canada, Europa, Russia, Medio Oriente
Areas in expansion: Australia, USA, Sud America, Marocco, Sud Africa, India, Cina

Aree in cui operiamo

Canada, Europa, Russia, Medio Oriente, Australia, USA, Sud America, Marocco, Sud Africa, India, Cina.


Dal 1986 nel mercato degli estrusi in materie plastiche

Tailor-Made Plastic Profiles

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