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Alfa Solare S.p.A., located in San Marino, has been working in the sector of plastic material extrusion since 1986. Our long experience has always been based on continuous research, quality and flexibility, making us, not only a supplier of finished products, but an essential partner in the developing of new solutions. The many types of products we offer, range from: PVC (soft, semi-hard and hard), TPE, ABS, to Polyamide. Our vast know-how in the production of thermal break profiles has enabled us to become a world leader in this sector. In the building industry and window and door frame sectors, our company has developed highly innovative solutions for energy-saving and for the improvement of the thermal performance. Our solutions are also being increasingly used in a wider range of applications, from home and office furniture, to automotive and shipyard components.

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Production: extruded profiles in Polyamide (PA)
Production: extruded profiles in PVC, ABS and TPE

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