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The Alfa Solare Group offers not only products for the window and door frame sector, but also solutions for many other sectors and applications: from home and office furnishing, to general industry and the automotive sector.

Our technical office is always at the client’s disposal to carry out detailed studies in collaboration with the client to find an ideal, customized solution, our aim is to satisfy in the best way every requirement, even the most complex. It has always been a strategic choice of our company to use high quality raw materials by carefully selecting our suppliers. Our production is capable of meeting every requirement of our clients. We are able to produce profiles with a weight from 10 to 2500 grams.

The production of The Alfa Solare Group covers the following sectors:

  • Aluminum window and door frames and curtain walling (Glazing gaskets, beating gaskets, joints, wedges, guides, etc.)
  • Wooden windows and doors (Glazing gaskets, beating gaskets, joints, wedges, dust seal brushes, dust seals, etc.)
  • Awnings (Rods, guides, etc.)
  • Furniture (Guides, table edgings, dust seal brushes, dust seals, compensation profiles, etc.)
  • Kitchen (Beating profiles, tops, guides, edging, etc.)
  • Shower box (Guides, beating profiles, seals, etc.)
  • Various other sectors

All the production can be customized by:

  • Inserting dust seal brushes
  • Applying double-sided adhesive
  • Additional mechanical working such as milling, punching, etc.
  • Application of a primer
  • Application of a protective film
  • Protection with a removable protective film
  • Customized marking (logo, production date, batch no., etc.)
  • Customized colours on all the product range

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