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Products that complete the range

ALFASOFT: extruded products made of a particular thermoplastic rubber of the TPE family, that allows the achieving of high mechanical performances, thanks to an elevated elasticity and a compression set value that make the profiles practically non-deformable in the course of time. The hardness range is very interesting as it ranges from 30 ShA to 90 ShA. The product can also be co-extruded, produced in a transparent colour and is easily customizable. It is particularly recommended for the wooden window and door sector.

ALFAFLEX: extruded products made of flexible, plasticized vinyl-based materials (PVC) for the window and door frame sector and for many other types of application.

ALFAPLUS: extruded products made of semi-flexible, plasticized, vinyl-based materials (PVC), developed for the furniture sector but suitable for many other types of application.

ALFATWIN: extruded products made by co-extrusion and tri-extrusion of different materials (compound of materials for type and or only for colour).

ALFABLOCK: moulded products made of specifically selected materials for moulding, from PVC to Polyamide.
A wide choice of rigid and soft materials that allow the production of extremely complex details for every requirement and application.

ALFASAN: extruded products made of co-polymer styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN).

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